Remember that dream of yours of getting paid to take surveys?

When I first looked into making money online, the first thing I searched was surveys. I was new to all of it and I had no idea that there were so many other options and ways to make money online. For that first while that I had been looking into making money, I had wasted so much time and got so much spam from it all. But my one BIG tip to you all is: NEVER pay
any site to get a  job. 99.9% of the tip that means it is a scam. But getting back to my point, one site that I haven't given up on yet is Cashcrate. Here's the link. All those other survey sites give out points or a chance to win $50,000, I'm not saying that those sites aren't legit, but with cashcrate, they tell you how much money you've earned from taking surveys. I'm not that big of a fan of taking surveys and getting points for them. Also with cashcrate, don't ever give out your credit card number or anything like that, either, you have the option of doing free trials, which pay out higher. But those require your credit card number. They also have the option of things that don't require your credit card. Pretty much the only thing that I do on cashcrate, are quizes. They're fun to do and you get paid. They're things like "What Kind of Eater are You?" "What Spongebob Character are you?" On average they pay out .50 and they take about 5 minutes each. And they have pages and pages of surveys you can take. I'd check it out!

Get Paid Every 30 Seconds? Clixsense is another site that I do like. They have ads almost every day. You just click on the ad and wait 30 seconds until you click on the next ad. It's really easy and you only need to visit it once a day and on average you will have about 5 ads a day. Check it out!

Swagbucks Tip #1

Not only am I going to give you job sites, but I'm also going to give you tips on how to get the most out of that site. Today I'm giving you a Tip on Swagbucks. My first tip is: Don't oversearch! Trust me, the day that I joined I was searching like crazy! You won't get Swagbucks every time that you search. What I recommend doing is search once, wait about five minutes and search again, and keep that up until you win something. That's what I've heard works for other people, and they have said that they generally win Swagbucks within the first 3 searches. I've also heard that if you keep searching throughout the day, you'll get your second win between your 10 and 20 searches. And make sure that you type in real words like "computer" and "recipe" instead of just randomly hitting the keyboard and typing in things like "a;lsdkfnmzx,.c/vmioe." Also I'd try to search at least 2 different times a day. Maybe once in the morning and once in the evening. At least search once a day, though. Make a goal to win at least once a day. Tomorrow's tip will be about: Swagcodes!

Want money for searching the web?

I found this awesome site that awards fake online dollars that you can cash in for prizes. The prizes range from giftcards to electronics like an Ipod Touch. Swagbucks  is a great site. I definitely suggest it. I've done my research and every review that I've read has given them two thumbs up. And it's not like it's hard or anything, instead of using Google or Bing, or Ask just go to this site and type in what you want to search in the search bar at the top. They don't award Swagbucks every search, but every day if you search a few times in the morning and a few times in the evening, you should be awarded both in the morning and evening. It's an awesome site, and I absolutely reccommend it.